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Developing IoT solutions for elderly care and home monitoring is important to us. So is creating solutions to collect, sort, and convert recyclable resources, as well as developing and supplying cultural content on recycling.

Elderly Care Band

Be there for those you love.

Our Elderly Care Band supports independent living for the elderly and people in need of special help.

Fall Detection

If the SOS band detects a fall, it notifies family members and provides the wearer’s location via its app.

SoS Button

If a need for help arises, the wearer simply pushes the band’s SOS button for four seconds, sending up to four family members an app alert, showing the wearer’s location and the time the alert was triggered.

Easy to Use App

If the band detects an emergency, up to four family members can get an app alert showing the wearer’s location.

Long-Lasting Charge

Just one charge lasts up to a month (shorter if emergencies have been triggered).

Smart Charger

Using Bluetooth technology, the smart charger provides a quick and accurate location if help is needed inside the home.



Up to 1m deep for 30 minutes (IP67)



– GSM 900/1800 Bands

Battery life

Up to one month



– 90 minutes charging time
– Li-Polymer battery, 200 mAh capacity

Success Stories

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