IoTㆍSmart City

Developing IoT solutions for elderly care and home monitoring is important to us. So is creating solutions to collect, sort, and convert recyclable resources, as well as developing and supplying cultural content on recycling.

Resource Circulation Solutions

Humax’s aim to alleviate social problems through advanced technology is a business model rarely seen in Korea’s startup ecosystem. Its Smart City business is sure to create social value that will draw attention from Europe and other advanced regions around the world.
Humax’s AI-based robot that collects recyclable resources will go a long way in helping to solve environmental and waste problems.

Waste is Money.

Our AI robot is leading the way for a new recycling process by sorting, collecting, and converting only those resources that are recyclable.

Nephron, the AI Robot

Nephron gives you money for your waste.

Introducing Nephron

the smart recyclable-resources collection robot

Nephron, the AI Recyclable-Resources Collection Robot

Nephron is an intelligent robot that can automatically sort out and convert recyclable resources all on its own. The AI Neuro-genie, camera, and multiple sensors act like the human brain, eyes, and other sensory organs, while the various built-in motors work in concert like hands and feet to move and store recyclable resources. What’s more, the smart Nephron gives you money for your recyclables.

Neuro-Genie, an AI Algorithm

An algorithm that identifies recyclable resources, Neuro-genie is built to think and learn like a human being. With a design based on the theory of the artificial neural network, Nephron learns and solves problems through its contact with a host of recyclable resources. Although still at a child-like level, it continues to take in information from your recyclable resources, steadily learning and expanding its intelligence.

  • AI Neuro-genie’s recognition rate over 95%
  • 120% higher loading capacity than competitors
  • Reward points can be converted to cash
  • Automatic update of items
  • AI Neuro-genie able to recognize 72 types of bottles
  • Collection without cracking
  • Reward points can be converted to cash
  • Automatic update of items

One Nephron unit can store up to 3,000 cans and plastic bottles and 200 empty glass bottles.

Super Cube, the Mobile Nephron

the smart recyclable-resources collection robot

Super Cube, Going Places

The mobile Super Cube is cube-shaped and two Nephrons in one, installed with two recyclable-resources collection robots. By giving it wheels, we can now go all over the country and help more people do right by the environment.

Super Cube, Coming to a Place Near You

A Super Cube might suddenly show up in your neighborhood. Whether it’s a regional event, corporate event, children’s education, or an environment campaign event, one call and Super Cube will be there.

Super Cube, Double the Capacity

Twice the size of a Nephron, Super Cube can store up to 6,000 cans and plastic bottles. It can also peel off labels, separate paper, and sort batteries.

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