Seongnam, South Korea, January 2, 2020 – Humax, a leading provider of video and broadband customer premises equipment (CPE), today announced it is supplying UHD set-top boxes with the Android TV operating system to T-Broad, South Korea’s largest cable TV operator. To enhance the service competitiveness of its cable TV business, T-Broad is applying the Android TV operating system to its products and services.

The introduction of T-broad’s Android TV OS UHD set-top box is the third among South Korea’s cable TV operators.

Humax Android TV OS Set Top Box

Humax Android TV OS set-top box

Adopting the latest Android OS 9.0 Pie, this new UHD set-top box is an IP Hybrid model that supports the cable modem communication standard DOCSIS 3.0 on the latest Android TV and also includes a middleware and a Conditional Access System solution for cable broadcasting services.

The key specifications include Broadcom’s quad-core 1.6GHz application processor, cable modem, 8GB internal memory, and 2GB RAM to fully meet the requirements of Android TV.

With Humax’s Android TV OS UHD set-top boxes, T-Broad is able to support YouTube and AI service Google Assistant and provide approximately 5,000 Android TV apps to its customers through Google’s app store. T-Broad will provide the new services while upgrading its services.

A representative of T-Broad said, “Considering the scalability of cable TV services, we have decided to introduce Humax’s Android TV OS UHD set-top box, which offers Android Hybrid TV’s reliable Turnkey Solution, based on Humax’s long experience in the set-top box industry.”

Jeff Kim, EVP Worldwide Sales at Humax said, “We are expanding the Android TV OS set-top box business that can efficiently provide an array of services to the customers in the global broadcasting market as well to Korea’s cable TV operators like T-Broad.”